7.A.50 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles






Administrative Procedure: Student Transportation in Private Vehicles



March 9, 2005
















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For reasons of safety, the Board strongly encourages the use of school bus transportation for all school related activities.


The Board shall, however, provide coverage through its Manitoba Association of School Trustees (MAST) insurance programs for automobiles not owned by the Division and which are used to transport students enrolled in Division schools provided that such vehicles:

  • Are driven by divisional staff, parent/guardian, or approved volunteers.
  • Are used to transport students to or from activities which are both school-related and are sponsored or authorized by the Division.
  • Are not used to transport students to or from school in lieu of normal school bus service.


Principals shall ensure that each volunteer transporting students for all school-sponsored events meet the following criteria.           

When transporting children in private vehicles, the basic safety guidelines from Transport Canada are to be followed: 

  • All children under 12 years of age must be transported in the rear seat and kept away from all air bags.
  • Forward-facing child seats are recommended for children weighing 10-18 kg (22-40 lbs.).
  • Booster seats are recommended for children weighing 18-27 kg (40-60 lbs.).
  • Seat belts are mandatory over 27 kg (60 lbs.).


Where private vehicle is the chosen method of transportation, the school office must be provided with a list of students and adults in each vehicle. This is to be done on a trip-by- trip basis. Vehicles used must be properly licensed and insured. A copy of the driver’s license and registration must be filed with the school office. Once the car pool lists are filed, no changes are to be made without authorization from the school administrator.  Details of the trip and the itinerary must be filed in the school office prior to departure.

Parents/guardians, employees, and mature volunteers (over 25 years of age) will be considered eligible to transport students by private vehicles. Parental permission authorizing student travel for school activities shall always be obtained. Parents shall be informed if the proposed driver of the vehicle is less than 25 years of age.

Parents and volunteers who transport students in private vehicles on school-sponsored activities are included as additional named insured, as per the liability insurance policy of the Division.




Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles by Staff or other Volunteers


During the course of the year there are occasions when students are transported to and from school sponsored activities in private vehicles.  If you are willing to transport students in your vehicle on some of these occasions, please complete the following form and return it to the school.


Upon completion of the form, the School Division’s Insurance policy covering Special Non Owned Vehicles will be extended to you while operating as a volunteer driver.






                                          *  (AGE UNDER 25 YEARS)     YES_________ NO_________                                                                       




PHONE                                                        (res.)                                                    (bus.)


Vehicle Information


Make/Model                                                         Year                         Lic#____________                                                 


Registration #____________________________________________________________                                                                             


Make/Model                                                        Year                          Lic#_____________                                                




Driver’s Licence No. ______________________________________________________                                                                  


I am willing to drive students in my private vehicle to and from school activities and in doing so will operate my vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act and/or the Criminal Code.  I hereby certify that I have a valid driver’s license, minimum Basic Autopac Coverage, and my vehicle is properly insured for this use. I further certify that I will notify the school principal immediately if any changes occur with respect to my driver’s licence or vehicle insurance.


______________________________________________            ____________________

Signature of Driver                                                                                Date       


______________________________________________            _____________________

Signature of Principal                                                                           Date

(or designated school administrator)


*If the driver is under 25 years of age, parents/guardians must be made aware of this information.

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