7.A.10 Student Transportation Services & Mgmt.






Administrative Procedure: Student Transportation Services and Management



March 9, 2005















May 14, 2014

Policy Reference



Legal Reference


Mb Reg 221/96






Border Land School Division is committed to providing safe and efficient student transportation services for curricular and extra curricular programs in accordance with the requirements of the Public Schools Act, the Province of Manitoba Highway Traffic Act, and the policies and procedures of the Border Land School Division. The management of the transportation services shall be the responsibility of the Transportation Coordinator. The Coordinator will report directly to the Secretary-Treasurer and present reports to the Board as required.


The Transportation Coordinator will supervise transportation service personnel and attend to the acquisition and maintenance of equipment in accordance with divisional budget or Board directives.


Suspension of Driver


In the interests of safety, the Border Land School Division authorizes senior administration and the Transportation Coordinator to suspend or discharge a driver at any time for a breach of any provision of the Highway Traffic Act and regulations or for a failure to comply with divisional directives and/or divisional policy.


The length of suspension will be determined through consultation between the Secretary-Treasurer and Transportation Coordinator. The driver who has been suspended has the right to appear before the Board at their regular meeting to appeal the decision.


School Bus Scheduling, Routing and Route Change


The Transportation Coordinator, in accordance with Manitoba Education regulations and procedures, shall establish school bus routes for the Border Land School Division annually.  These routes shall be established prior to the commencement of the fall term with the governing factors being safety, road conditions, time and length of route, availability of buses, seating space for each student, and costs.


The regular review and revision of bus routes shall be the responsibility of the Transportation Coordinator.  Once established, the Transportation Coordinator shall not make any changes to passenger list and/or routing without the approval of the Secretary-



Each school bus shall have on board a route manifest and map as prescribed by the Division.


Routes shall be established so that, wherever possible, riding times are not longer than one hour prior to arrival at the first school.


Upon request, bus routes, schedules and maps may be provided to appropriate

municipalities and to parents/guardians.




Border Land School Division provides transportation to eligible students. In situations where the Division is unable to provide transportation, the Board will determine the amount of payment to be made to the parents/guardians in lieu of transportation.

Non-resident students who have been accepted by the Border Land School Division (Schools of Choice) may be provided with transportation. 

The parents/guardians of students residing in the Border Land School Division, but attending schools outside the Division, are responsible for any transportation required when, for whatever reason, Border Land School Division buses do not run.


Inclusion and Accessibility


Manitoba Regulation 221/96 requires that transportation be provided to and from school, regardless of how far the student loves from the school, for pupils “who are physically handicapped, or mentally challenged, or have behavioural or emotional disorders.”


Transportation decisions should be based on a student’s specific needs, and should be made collaboratively by the student specific planning team, which includes parents/guardians and transportation personnel, including the senior administration responsible for transportation.


Rural and Urban Bus Service


Border Land School Division, in accordance with the Public Schools Act (PSA) and accompanying regulations, has the authority to create policy with respect to the transportation of students residing in towns, villages, and rural areas. 


The provincial regulations consider students eligible for transportation support if they live further than 1.6 kilometres from their designated school.  Students who live less than 1.6 kilometres from the school may be eligible for transportation if there are extenuating circumstances regarding safety.


In the interest of providing a safe and efficient transportation service to all eligible students, the following requirements are to be used as the basis for all pick-up locations:


  • Students will be assigned to a particular bus (or buses in case of transfer).
  • Students using bus service will have a designated pick-up point.
  • All students desiring village or town pick-up service must make written application to the Division.
  • Rural students desiring lane service must make written application to the Division.
  • Students with special needs will be provided with transportation service as determined by the Assistant Superintendent in consultation with the Transportation Coordinator.


Urban Bus Service


  • Parents/guardians who have students in kindergarten to grade six who live further than 1.0 kilometre from their designated school and students in grade seven to senior four who live beyond 1.6 kilometres from the school and desire transportation service, will be required to complete an application form.Application forms will be located at each school.
  • Parents/guardians who have students in grade seven to senior four who reside within the 1.6 kilometre distance from school can request bus transportation.The application form must be completed.Bus service will be dependent on routing, space availability, and safety considerations.
  • The forms will be distributed at the school level in spring, collected, and submitted to the Transportation Coordinator before June 1st of the current school year.
  • The Transportation Coordinator will arrange for the most appropriate pick-up locations and bus times.
  • All students will be assigned to specific buses.
  • Students will be required to be at the designated bus stop five (5) minutes prior to their pick up time.
  • The Transportation Coordinator will consult with the Assistant Superintendent in regards to situations where students with special needs warrant urban transportation service.
  • In the event of a disagreement, parents/guardians may appeal to the Secretary-Treasurer.


Rural Bus Service


Lane service will be provided as follows:


  • Parents/guardians who have lanes in excess of 1.0 kilometre may make an application for service if they wish yard pick-up.  Request forms will be sent to all rural families with students who are transported by bus.
  • Parents/guardians must submit the form to the Transportation Coordinator indicating their wish for pick-up on their yard instead of the road.  The form includes a signature to indicate understanding on the part of the parents regarding the commitment to maintain the lane year-round and to provide a safe turn-around site.
  • The forms will be distributed at the school level in spring, collected, and submitted to the Transportation Coordinator before June 1st of the current school year.
  • When lane service is requested, the Transportation Coordinator and a driver will review each application. They will consider whether a bus can safely navigate the lane and turn-around site and the implications for the overall length of the bus route.  The decision to provide service will be made by the Transportation Coordinator.
  • Bus routes will be planned accordingly.
  • Lane service will be contingent on the requirement that the lane will be maintained to a mutually agreed upon condition and is free of obstructions (i.e. gates).
  • Failure to maintain the lane or turn-around site or evidence of other unsafe conditions will result in the withdrawal of the service.
  • The Transportation Coordinator will consult with the Assistant Superintendent in regard to situations where special needs conditions warrant extended service.
  • In the events of a disagreement, parents/guardians may appeal to the Secretary- Treasurer.


Preschool Transportation


Border Land School Division will transport preschool children under the following circumstances.


  • The preschool program is located in a Border Land school.
  • The student must be at least three (3) years old.
  • Parents/guardians must sign a consent form which indicates they are aware of the risks.
  • Students must live on existing bus routes.  Routes will not be altered, extended or added in order to provide this service.


The Principal of the school will make a request to the Superintendent every year by May 15th of the previous year.


Parent/guardians who want this service for their children will register at the school. Parents will be required to sign a consent form before a student will be allowed on the bus.




Forms available at the Transportation Office in Dominion City

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