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Administrative Procedure: Community Use of School Facilities


August 24, 2005














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The Board recognizes that the public schools are an integral part of the community and supports the community use of all divisional facilities by the general public. The community usage of schools is not to be in competition with existing community facilities that are available.

Division budgets are set to provide for the expenses of operating the educational system and of maintaining the buildings and grounds for the benefit of students.  Additional costs incurred through public use of facilities shall be offset by an appropriate fee structure and/or exchange of service agreements.  The basic rental fee will be reallocated to the respective budget categories.

The authorization for the use of school facilities shall be at the discretion of the principal, senior administration, or the Board.  Such authorization shall be determined by Division guidelines and procedures. The community use of facilities shall not interfere with school programming.

Granting the use of school facilities shall not be considered as endorsement or approval of a group or organization or of the purposes they represent.

The Use of School Facilities Permit form must be completed 

Community Use of School Buildings

Procedure for obtaining the use of school facilities

  • Requests for the use of school facilities will be made to the principal at least seven (7) days prior to the event.  If the activity requires senior administration or Board approval, the application shall be forwarded to the Division Office at least one (1) week prior to the next Board meeting.  All applications must be made in writing using the prescribed form (see appendix).
  • The application for a permit re: Use of School Facilities form shall be completed and signed by a responsible representative of the organization making application.  The initial fees, if any, must accompany the application.
  • Custodial and/or other service fees will be determined and billed for after the event.  All applicants will be required to read the rental regulations (see page 2) and a copy will be given to them.
  • A copy of the applications requiring senior administration or Board approval will be forwarded to the department of the Secretary-Treasurer by the principal, and a copy given to the custodian for information.

Regulations Governing the Use of School Facilities

  • The Division accepts no liability for loss or injury to people using its facilities or equipment under each permit.
  • Any organization applying for the use of facilities must assume full responsibility for providing adequate supervision to see that regulations with respect to smoking, drinking, general deportment, and care of property are respected.
  • Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all school property.
  • Groups are only to use the facilities requested and approved.  Permission to use facilities in a school does not carry with it the right to use equipment in the school, unless so specified on the application and approval.
  • Rental fees, if any, must be paid at the time of completing the event.
  • Organizations will be charged for any additional custodial costs which may be required as a result of their presence in the school.
  • When an authorized school employee is involved with a program/organization and agrees to accept the responsibility of providing supervision and security for the facilities during their use, a custodial fee may be waived.  An authorized employee is one to whom the Border Land School Division has authorized the issuing of keys, such as a teacher, a principal, or a custodian.
  • Division regulations regarding the use of specially equipped rooms such as cafeterias, gymnasiums, home economics rooms, industrial arts shops, and computer labs must be respected.  The principal may set more specific rules and procedures regarding the use of school facilities.

Community Use of School Facilities

These guidelines will serve as reference in the consideration of community requests.

Conditions to be considered by the principal before approving requests

  • The activity will not conflict with school programming
  • The activities are deemed appropriate and possible to accommodate within the school facilities without added burdens being placed on the school and its ongoing operation
  • The activity cannot be easily accommodated in a community or business facility
  • The activity is non-profit

Conditions necessitating Senior Administration and/or Board approval

  • Partisan group requests (i.e. having a political, commercial or religious purpose)
  • Requests from outside organizations that will be charging admission to a function
  • Requests for use of facilities during Christmas holidays, March break, and summer holidays
  • Requests for rooms that are specially equipped, such as home economics rooms, industrial arts shops, computer labs,  science labs
  • Any other requests not meeting the conditions in above

Priorities in granting the use of school facilities

  • School sponsored functions, put on and supervised by the school staff or designates
  • Upgrading classes sponsored by an educational institution
  • Agencies in the community that promote learning and/or involve children of school age
  • Adult groups of an educational, cultural or recreational nature
  • Clubs or similar restricted membership organizations such as political parties, lodges, and religious organizations
  • Individuals and/or companies operating a business

Emergency Use of School Facilities

In the event of emergency situations affecting the welfare of the citizens of the Division, the services and/or facilities of the Division will be made available to assist with the situation.

Every effort shall be made to minimize any disruption to the school system.  In the event that long-term support is required, the full responsibility of the Division to its students shall be maintained.

Public requests for emergency support from the Division should be directed to one of the senior administrative staff.

Rental rates

Rental rates for facilities at each school will be determined by the Division.



The form is located in:

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Manitoba Schools Outside User Policy Application Permit (2)

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