5.A.40 Critical and Emergency Situations

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Administrative Procedure: Critical and Emergency Situations



March 9, 2005
















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The school administration and the staff shall prepare plans to respond appropriately to emergency situations that affect the students, staff, or facilities of the Division, using the divisional format. The plans are categorized as critical incident and emergencies.  Critical incidents generally relate to traumatic events such as student accident, death, or personal tragedies.  Emergency plans relate to general safety issues such as bomb threats or severe weather


Copies of the Critical Incident Plan and Emergency Plans of each school shall be located at each site and shall be readily available to the staff.  Annual plans shall be submitted to the Division office. A detailed copy of the composite floor plan of the school shall be included in the Plan.  A copy of the floor plan shall be forwarded to appropriate community agencies (e.g. R.C.M.P., Fire Department, Village or Municipal Office).


School administrators and supervisors shall review the Critical Incident Plan and Emergency Plans with their respective staffs at the beginning of each school year and more frequently as may be required.


Staff members are encouraged to suggest improvements to the plans.


The purpose of these plans is to provide specific information regarding the action to be taken by staff of the Division in dealing with all emergencies and those situations where there has been loss of life or serious injury to a student or staff member. 


Critical and Emergency Situations


The plans referenced are intended to be applied with the understanding that not all the points will be applicable in every case.


The templates for the Critical Incident and The Emergency Plans are located at the Division office and on the divisional web site.

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