2.A.170 Compens. for Teachers Covering Classes

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Administrative Procedure: Compensation for Teachers Covering Classes


















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Use of class coverage may be appropriate when a teacher absence will occur for 2 periods or less.  In an effort to provide recognition to teachers** who cover classes during their preparation periods, when a substitute teacher cannot be hired, the following procedure has been established.


  • A teacher shall have the right to refuse to cover classes during preparation periods unless the situation is deemed an emergency by the principal.
  • Teachers shall receive one-half (1/2) day leave of absence for every 160 minutes (4 x 40 minute periods) of coverage to a maximum of two (2) days per teacher for the school year.
  • Reporting classes covered shall be the responsibility of the teacher providing the coverage using forms provided and verified by the school principal.  The teacher shall record the coverage provided and receive verification within 2 days of doing the coverage.  Forms should be sent in only when a total of 160 minutes (4 x 40 minute periods) have been accumulated.
  • Any earned leave must be arranged through the principal who shall make every effort to accommodate the teacher requesting the leave.  Leave must be taken in half or full day increments and must be arranged at least 3 school days in advance of the leave to facilitate the hiring of a substitute.  Leave cannot be taken to extend a holiday period.
  • All leave entitlement must be used in the school year it has been earned.



** for the purpose of this procedure, a teacher is defined as someone who has assumed classroom or resource duties.  It does not include those in an administration position.



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