4.A.40 Advisory Councils

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Administrative Procedure: Advisory Councils



October 27, 2004
















Policy Reference


EAA 54/96

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Advisory councils may be established at every school.  Their primary role is to advise the school principal in all aspects of school organization, policies, and operations including planning and budgeting.  In addition, advisory councils are to communicate with parents/guardians and community members regarding educational concerns and school priorities. The Public Schools Act and the Administrative Education Act compel advisory councils to perform their role within the framework of the responsibility and powers conferred on school boards. Advisory councils shall comply with accounting and reporting procedures as stated in the accompanying procedures.



The following accounting and record keeping procedures shall be incorporated in the financial management of advisory council funds.

  • The advisory council treasurer must ensure that all deposits to their account are documented and clearly indicate the source of the funds for each deposit.
  • All funds accepted from individuals, groups, and/or businesses are to be receipted with a copy of the receipt issued to the fund source.
  • Disbursements from the fund may only be made for purposes that relate to the role of the school advisory council.  Supplier invoices or receipts should support all disbursements.
  • All cheques must have two signatures.
  • Cash disbursements are not allowed.
  • All capital purchases must be approved by the Division Office.
  • All capital purchases must be identified to the Division Office with descriptions including name, model number and serial number in order to get recorded on the divisional fixed asset inventory list.
  • An advisory council financial report shall be supplied to the Division annually. This accounting must come complete with all supporting documentation (i.e. bank statements, a bank reconciliation). The reports are subject to review by the Division.
  • Annual financial reports shall be made available to the community upon request.

Border Land School Division

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