5.A.50 Accidents to Students and Staff

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Administrative Procedure: Accidents to Students and Staff



March 9, 2005
















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In the case of any accident, the immediate welfare of the students and staff shall be of prime concern. All accidents are classified as minor, moderate, or severe. Definitions with respect to the classification are included in the accompanying guidelines. Parents or immediate family shall be contacted immediately if accidents are deemed moderate or severe. When deemed necessary, the principal or designate shall have the
authority to call an ambulance to take the student or staff to the hospital. The ambulance fee shall be the responsibility of the transported party.


A divisional accident report shall be completed as soon as practicable after an accident occurs.  A report must be made in writing for accidents involving physical injury to a person on school premises or while being transported.  Reports will be kept in the school and a copy forwarded to the Division Office. The school administration will inform the Division Office immediately if the accident is deemed severe. Accident reports will also be appropriately prepared, severed according to PHIA, and made available to Workplace Safety and Health committees.


In the case of a minor accident or illness involving a student, first aid shall be given, the parent/guardian contacted, and the person kept under observation.  If complications arise, the case shall be treated as serious and the above procedure is to be followed.


In the case of an accident involving the school bus, specific procedures are to be followed with reporting and communication procedures.


Accidents to Students and Staff


Guidelines on classification of accidents/injuries and examples according to insurance policy.


Minor:             scratch, bruise, scrape, minor cut, minor sprain

Moderate:        serious cut, more severe sprain, broken finger

Severe:                        injury to eye, head, face, back, broken arm/leg.

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The Student Accident and Non Student Accident Forms as attached are

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