6.A.30 Inspection of Buildings and Grounds

Facilities and Maintenance 




Administrative Procedure: Inspection of Buildings and Grounds



March 9, 2005














Policy Reference


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The principal shall endeavor to ensure that students in the school properly care for the premises.  The principal shall inspect the school premises and report any necessary repairs promptly to the Secretary-Treasurer or designate.

 In addition to routine inspections of school buildings and grounds, including playgrounds, principals shall insure that a monthly inspection report be prepared (See below)  These reports shall be maintained at the school.

 All staff are expected to report to the principal conditions which they consider a safety hazard.

                                                                                                             INSPECTION FORM


Laboratories                                                                                                        Yes      No       N/A


1)         Gas shut-off valves working properly and shut off

at the end of the instruction period?                                                                                        

2)         Fire extinguisher provided?                                                                                                    

 3)         Fire blanket provided?                                                                            ____        _____       _____

4)         Does ventilation appear adequate?                                                                                          

5)         Friction lighters used in place of matches?                                                                              

6)         Chemicals kept in locked enclosures?                                                                                    

7)         Flammable liquids in approved containers?                                                                             

8)         Acids in approved containers?                                                                                                

Home Economics

1)         Irons used on plug-ins with red pilot lights?                                                                            

2)         Appliances on circuit equipped with central turn off


3)         Dry chemical extinguisher available?                                                                                       

Remedial Action Necessary:


Lab Inspector      _______________________________________  Date   ________________________                                                           

Home Economics
Inspector            _______________________________________ Date   ________________________                                                   

GYMNASIUM INSPECTION FORM                                                                       YES     NO      N/A

1.         Are the climbing ropes in good physical repair and adequately

secured to withstand the weight of an adult?                                                                                       

2.         Has the gymnasium equipment been inspected in the last month

to ensure it is in good physical repair.  This would include

equipment guy wires, equipment footing supports, etc.                                                                   

3.         Is the gymnasium equipment set up by authorized personnel

who have been adequately instructed in the proper



4.         Are all the floor mats in good physical repair and have

damaged mats been repaired or replaced?                                                                                                


5.         Are the walls padded behind backboards where possible

wall impact is likely to incur?                                                                                                                            


6.         Are benches, chairs, etc. in good physical repair?                                                                    


7.         Are all gymnasium accidents reported and investigated

to ensure there is no re-occurrence?                                                                                                            


8.         Is the sporting equipment checked regularly for safe

condition and to ensure no alterations?                                                                                                      


9.         Are the locker rooms maintained in good physical repair

ex: no missing tiles in shower area?                                                                                                               


10.       Are gymnasium overhead lights equipped with safety chains so

they will not fall on impact?                                                                                                                                 


11.       Are lights equipped with guards or protective screens?                                                            


Inspector _______________________________________     Date     ___________________________                                                         

Reviewer _______________________________________     Date     ___________________________                                                                    




Protection                                                                                                       Yes      No       N/A


1)         Are all extinguishers charged, date tagged and in place?                                                          


Fire Alarm system


1)         Is fire alarm operative and tested?                                                                                           


2)         Reserve batteries in working order?                                                                                        


3)         Hand bells available in case automatic system fails?                                                                


4)         Detectors provided in all storage rooms?                                                                                 




1)         Are corridors obstructed?                                                                                                       


2)         Stairways clear and free from tripping hazards?                                                                       


3)         Fire exits clear and doors operating freely?                                                                             


4)         All rooms, laboratories, etc. free of litter?                                                                               


5)         Does good housekeeping prevail in all areas, crawl spaces

storage rooms, etc?                                                                                                                




1)         Are all electrical wires, conduit and lighting fixtures

properly supported and connected?                                                                                         


2)         Any temporary wiring or extension cords where new

permanent wiring should be provided?                                                                                    


3)         Are any motors, fuse boxes or control equipment overheating?                                                 


4)         Are covers missing off fuse boxes, junction boxes, etc?                                                           


5)         Reset circuit breakers not taped over?                                                                                     


6)         Exit lights working properly?                                                                                                 


7)         Emergency lights working properly?                                                                                       

Intrusion Alarms                                                                                              Yes      No       N/A

1)         Are intrusion alarms operative?                                                                                              


2)         Alarms set at the end of each day?                                                                                          


Heating Units


1)         Is heating unit in good condition?                                                                                           


2)         Heating equipment clear from combustibles/                                                                           


3)         Door to furnace room closed and locked?                                                                                


4)         Temporary heaters, not the property of School Board, in use?                                                        



1)         Do fire doors close automatically?                                                                                          


2)         Exit doors equipped with panic hardware?                                                                              


3)         Are doors to science rooms, supply rooms and electrical

rooms locked?                                                                                                                       


4)         Are exits and emergency escape routes posted in each

room for instruction, adjacent to the room exit?                                                                       


Flammable Liquids


1)         Are flammable liquids properly stored?                                                                                   


Remedial Action Necessary:



Inspector_______________________________________________ Date  ________________________


Reviewer  ______________________________________________ Date  ________________________                                                    





Needs Attention




Date of Action Taken


  • Visible severe cracks, bending, warping, rusting or breakage of any component








  • Worn swing hangers and chains








  • Missing, damaged or loose swing seat








  • Broken supports, anchors








  • Footings exposed, cracked, loose in ground








  • Accessible sharp edges, points








  • Exposed ends of tubing that should be covered by plugs or caps








  • Protruding bolt ends that don’t have caps or covers








  • Loose bolts, nuts, etc








  • Lack of lubrication on moving parts








  • Worn bearings








  • Surfacing material worn or scattered








  • Inspect pea rock, under swings, slides and monkey bars








  • Chipped or peeling paint








  • Vandalism (broken glass, trash, etc)








  • Tripping hazards (roots, rocks, etc)








  • Rough or splintered wooden components








  • Fencing (broken wire, mesh, rust, hinges, etc)








Comments ____________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                  Signature_________________________________________________Date_________________________________


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Border Land School Division acknowledges that the communities and schools located within Border Land School Division sit on Treaty 1 and Treaty 3 land, the original lands of the Anishinaabe peoples and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

Border Land School Division respects the treaties that were made on these treaty areas and we dedicate ourselves to moving forward in partnership with our Indigenous communities in a spirit of truth, reconciliation and collaboration.