4.A.80 Management of Personal Files

Business Administration



Administrative Procedure: Management of Personnel Files



March 24, 2004
















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A file shall be maintained at the Division Office on each employee of the Division.


The terms and conditions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Act, respecting the collection, use, protection, retention, disclosure, and destruction of personal and personal health information, will be respected.


Material in Files


All information relevant to an employee shall be placed and maintained in the file of the employee, including performance appraisals, letters of commendation and reprimand, and other correspondence regarding an employee.  Employees may request that other items, such as professional growth plans, be placed in their file.


Employees shall sign all documents, where acknowledgement is required, to indicate that they have had the opportunity to read the document.


Access to Files


Access to files on employees shall be restricted to individuals approved by the Superintendent, except where access to file is part of employee contract. Employees, upon request, shall be given the opportunity to examine the contents of their file in the presence of the Superintendent or designate.




References requested in writing regarding the work record of an employee or prior employee in the Division shall be completed by the Superintendent or designate.  Provisions of the Personal Investigations Act shall apply.  References shall only be provided in confidence.


Employees Covered by Collective Agreement


Where provisions regarding personnel records exist within a collective agreement, they shall apply.

Pledge of Confidentiality


As required under the Personal Health Information Act, the Border Land School Division will ensure that each employee sign a Pledge of Confidentiality.  Such pledge includes an acknowledgment that the employee is bound by the policies and procedures of the Division containing provisions for the security and personal health information during its collection, use, disclosure, storage, and destruction.


Each employee of the Division shall be provided with appropriate orientation on the policies and procedures, and shall sign the Pledge of Confidentiality. (See below)


Statutory Definition of Personal Health Information


Personal health information means recorded information about an identifiable individual that relates to:


  • The health or health care history, including genetic information about the individual.
  • The provision of health care to the individual.
  • Payment for health care provided to the individual.
  • The PHIN and any other identifying number or symbol, assigned to an individual.
  • Any identifying information about the individual that is collected in the course of, and is incidental to, the provision of health care or payment for health care.


Health care means any care, service, or procedure that is:

  • Provided to diagnose, treat, or maintain the physical or mental condition of an individual.
  • Provided to prevent disease or injury or to promote health.
  • An affect to the structure or a function of the body.
  • Purchasing or dispensing of a drug, device, equipment, or other item pursuant to a prescription.


PHIN means the personal health identification number assigned to an individual by the Minister to uniquely identify the individual for health care purposes.



                           Border Land School Division

                                            Pledge of Confidentiality

As an employee of Border Land School Division, I acknowledge and understand that I may/will have access to personal health information (statutory definition attached) about others, including students, the confidentiality and protection of which is governed by The Personal Health Information Act (The Act).


I further acknowledge and understand that the Division has established written policies and procedures containing provision for the security of personal health information in the possession of the Division during its collection, use, disclosure, storage, and destruction, provisions for the recording of security breaches, and corrective procedures to address security breaches.


I further acknowledge that I have been provided orientation and that I have received or will receive ongoing training about these policies and procedures.


I acknowledge that I am bound by the policies and procedures established by the School Division in accordance with the Act and I am aware that a consequence of breaching them is prosecution under the Act, and/or disciplinary action.





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  (Date signed)                                                                  (Signature)




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Border Land School Division

Border Land School Division acknowledges that the communities and schools located within Border Land School Division sit on Treaty 1 and Treaty 3 land, the original lands of the Anishinaabe peoples and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

Border Land School Division respects the treaties that were made on these treaty areas and we dedicate ourselves to moving forward in partnership with our Indigenous communities in a spirit of truth, reconciliation and collaboration.