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W.C. Miller Collegiate
exitus aditus semper - every ending is a new beginning
Jun 17, 2019
School Day 4
No School Today
Track and Field
Here are some results from the first Track and Field Meet in Winkler:

Annika Braun - JV Girls 100m -1st,
Jonah Neufeld - Varsity Boys 100m hurdles - 1st
Carson Parago - Varsity Boys Shot Put - 1st
Cole Martens - JV Boys 400m - 1st in heat
Yassin Mohammed Hassen - JV Boys 100m - 1st in heat
Varsity boys Medley Relay - 2nd
Varsity Boys 800m - Andrew Dyck 3rd
Annika Braun - JV Girls Discuss - 3rd *provincial qualifier
JV Boys Medley - 3rd