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W.C. Miller Collegiate
exitus aditus semper - every ending is a new beginning
Dec 11, 2018
School Day 5
No School Today

At W.C. Miller Collegiate, we believe. . .​

  • learning involves the home, school, and community and extends for a student's lifetime.
  • the best learning occurs when the physical, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, and social lives of our students are engaged.


  • students need to know teachers care about them as people and that learning will flow from student-teacher relationships characterized by trust, mutual respect, and openness.
  • learning is best facilitated in an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.


  • wherever possible, learning should connect to life.


  • learning is fostered when students are given the opportunity to take risks and can learn through their mistakes.
  • students experience greater success when they take responsibility for their learning.

Reaching all learners:

  • students learn in diverse ways.
  • all students can achieve success.
  • a teacher's passion for learning is infectious and shapes the culture of the classroom.​