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Jul 24, 2019
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Grad Awards 2016


Highest Achievements Gr. 11 - Liam Thiessen

Math/Science Achievement Awards:  
Gold -  Dana Tutcho-Ruben
Silver - Nikki Curran
Bronze - Liam Thiessen

Woodmore Women's Institute Bursary - Eric Piapot


Male - Evan Anstett, Robert Guimond
Female​ - Jessica Hopkins


Top Subject Awards
English Comprehensive 40S Jonah Greunke
English Transactional 40S - Jonah Gruenke
Pre-Calculus Math 40S - Eric Caners
Intro to Calculus 40S - Eric Caners
Math Applied 40S - Eric Caners
Math Essentials 40S - Travis Henry
Accounting 40S - Matthias Brant
Art 40S - Jessica Hopkins
Biology 40S - Jonah Gruenke
Chemistry 40S - Jonah Gruenke
Choir 40S- Nancy Brant
Current Topics in First Nations, Metis, & Inuit Studies 40S - Jessica Hopkins
Food and Nutrition 40S - Robert Guimond
Intro to University 42S - Jessica Hopkins
Law 40S - Jonah Gruenke
Physics 40S - Jonah Gruenke
Vocational - Nicholas Brad

RVS Music Award - Phillip Chubaty

RVS Staff Award - Tyler Holodryga

RVS Student Council Awards
- Jonah Gruenke
- Eric Caners
- Jessica Hopkins

Students Working Against Tobacco Awards
- Eric Caners
- Jo-Lyn Gregoire

The Goring Award 
- Devon Henry
- Jamie Snarr
Fine Arts Award - Misty Starr

D.C. Mom’s Club Award Evan Anstett

Municipality of Emerson-Franklin Awards - Tyler Holodryga

Cliff Graydon Leadership Award Jessica Hopkins

Tractor People Business Award - Matthias Brant

Tractor People Trades Award - Jamie Snarr 

Calderwood's Country Store, Inc. (Dominion City) - Evan Anstett

BTA 1967-2002 Commemorative Award - Jo-Lyn Gregoire

Border Land Teachers' Association Award - Jo-Lyn Gregoire

Vita & District Health Centre Foundation Inc. Bursary Jessica Hopkins

Ecumenical Awards 
- Jonah Gruenke
- Rachel Neumann

Access Credit Union Award (Emerson Branch) - Jonah Gruenke

Access Credit Union Awards (Dominion City Branch) - Jessica Hopkins

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #160 Awards - Evan Anstett

George Vaughan Forsyth Memorial Award - Kailey LeClerc

Roseau Valley School Award - Eric Caners


Chown Centennial Entrance Scholarship - Jonah Gruenke

Queen Elizabeth II Entrance Scholarship - Jonah Gruenke

Elizabeth May Markle Scholarship - Jessica Hopkins

Garnet Kyle Memorial Scholarship Eric Caners


Governor General’s Award & Scholarship Jonah Gruenke

Past Info​​rmation

The award application package will be available mid-May 2016 once awards and sponsorships are confirmed.

List of award recipients to be published online after the graduation ceremony.

Important Information:

​​Award applications are returned to the office together with:​

  • ​Completed application and award list to be considered.

  • Documented information of post-secondary/apprenticeship acceptance (if applicable).

  • Two letters of reference (one must be from outside RVS staff)

  • The office will include a completed transcript of your final marks when available
​​​​Application Deadline:
  1. Received at the office by June 10, 2016 at 3:35 p.m.
  2. Applications received later than this cannot be considered.​​