General Executive Constraint

Policy 15 – General Executive Constraint

Date Adopted:  June 23, 2010

Reviewed: February 19, 2020



The Border Land School Division will not operate illegally, unethically, imprudently, or in contravention of Board policies. The Superintendent/CEO will not cause, allow, or fail to take reasonable measures to prevent any practice, activity, decision, or organization circumstance which is imprudent, illegal, in violation of commonly accepted business practices and ethics, or is contrary to the Board Policy Manual of Border Land School Division, The Public Schools Act, The Safe Schools Charter of Manitoba, The Education Administration Act, or any other federal, provincial or municipal law.


The Superintendent/CEO is not authorized to:

15.1     Change the administrative organization plan without prior approval of the Board.

15.2    Change the number of positions or change the person fulfilling the position of divisional administrators without approval of the Board.

15.3    Approve out of province field trips for students.

15.4    Approve construction contracts or contractors.

15.5    Approve extended leaves of absence for employees beyond five days.

15.6    Over-expend the divisional budget without Board approval.

15.7    Finalize the annual school calendar.