2.A.140 Recruitment of Teaching Staff

Human Resources 


Administrative Procedure: Recruitment of Teaching Staff


June 24, 2004















August 31, 2016

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Border Land School Division shall endeavor to recruit the best-qualified and most appropriate persons for all Divisional positions.  The Division believes that every person has the right to equal opportunity based upon bona fide qualification (with respect to employment), employment advancement and promotion.

When staff positions become available a posting will be created by the principal and vetted through the appropriate senior administrator or manager. The appropriate senior leadership team member shall coordinate the staff hiring. 

All applicants will be given full consideration.  The member of the senior leadership team responsible for the staffing area, in consultation with the principal of the school will develop a short-list of suitable candidates for a given position. Suitability of candidates, to be shortlisted, will be based on qualifications and experience.  Interviews will be arranged for those short-listed for the position.  An interview panel, which could consist of a senior administrator, department manager, school administrator, and possibly a current staff member, will complete the interview.

Reference Checks shall be completed on the designated form after an interview has been completed.  The purpose of the reference check is to confirm and/or questions what was evidenced in the interview. Once the reference checks have been completed, a recommendation for a candidate for the position will be made to the designated senior administrator.

The successful candidate will be offered the position by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent, and the completed hiring form will be submitted to the secretary-treasurer for processing.

The Student Services Manager is responsible for the recruitment of resource, guidance, and clinician positions. The Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent may be involved in this process at his/her discretion.

All candidates involved in the interview process will be notified following the selection process.  After the Board ratification, a letter will inform the successful candidate and arrangements for signing the contract will be made.

Border Land School Division

Border Land School Division acknowledges that the communities and schools located within Border Land School Division sit on Treaty 1 and Treaty 3 land, the original lands of the Anishinaabe peoples and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

Border Land School Division respects the treaties that were made on these treaty areas and we dedicate ourselves to moving forward in partnership with our Indigenous communities in a spirit of truth, reconciliation and collaboration.