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120 - 9th St. NW, Altona, MB, ROG OB1 | 204-324-6491
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Border Land School Division
Life Long Learning
May 20, 2019
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BLSD Board of Trustees


​Ward #​Name​Phone Number
​1​Mrs. Jolene Bunn​204-437-2102
​2Mr. Robert Pitura204-370-6274
​3​Mrs. Gail Sutherland​204-373-2434
​4​Mr. Albert Klassen204-371-5801
​5Mr. Mark Krahn204-324-6697
​6​Mr. Jake Fehr (Second Vice-Chair)​204-327-5399
​7​Mrs. Patricia Wiebe (Vice-Chair)​204-324-9300
​7Mr. Craig Smiley​ (Chair)​204-324-5352
​7​Mr. Steven Wiebe​204-304-0663