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Border Land School Division
Life Long Learning
Jul 15, 2018
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CEO/Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message - Sept. 2015.pdf

Another year is upon the staff at Border Land School Division and everyone is busily
getting to work in their schools and classrooms. As Literacy is an important priority in all of our
classrooms every school and classroom will notice an increase in the number of books from
which they can choose to read. To improve literacy, we need to be reading and have access to
books. As a result of an initiative from the Divisional Literacy Planning Team and with support
from the Border Land School Division Board of Trustees, two extensive book buying initiatives
occurred in the spring of 2015. The first initiative was called the “Leave a Legacy” book project.
Each child could pick one book, any book that they would like to leave in their current
classroom for future students to read. This meant that approximately 2200 books were
ordered into our schools and were put into classroom libraries. Several students surprised their
teachers with this book order and it went over as a huge success. Thank you to all the students
for choosing a book that was important enough to you that you thought another student
should have the opportunity to read it.

Our second initiative was the 100 books per classroom per grade project. K-12 teachers
from across our division collaborated to generate a book list for each grade. This book list
contained titles of books they believed every student in our division in their respective grade
should have access to. Once the finalized list was compiled the ordering began and an influx of
books began to flow into our schools. Each classroom received a new set of 100 books, which
meant that approximately 15,000 more books entered the schools in Border Land School
Division. This was an enormous project where teachers collaborated and Mrs. Carol Braun
helped coordinate the ordering with school personnel. Thank you to everyone who helped to
see this project through to completion.

We are so proud to say that we have increased the numbers of books in our schools to
increase student choice in reading. Now I am anxious to see our reading in action. As I visit
schools this year, I would like to sit and hear students read some of this from these great new
materials. Home and school, let’s work together to make the following equation true:


Krista Curry,
CEO and Superintendent for Border Land School Division