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Nov 17, 2018
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Undergrad Awards

The Undergrad Award process is under review for the 2018-2019 school year.  Changes to the process will be communicated once they are finalized.

2017-2018 Undergrad Awards at W.C. Miller are given in the following catagories:

    • Citizenship - nominations come from teachers; this award category is intended to honour students whose contribution to Miller makes our school a better place through their care and consideration for others.
    • Commitment to Learning Certificate - Nominations come from teachers for excellence in a department area, agreement by department to put forward the name for an award. Students earn nominations in one of eight department areas; students will receive a certificate from the nominating department. The seven department areas include: math, ELA, science, fine arts, practical arts, PE, humanities & world languages.
    • Honour Roll recognition is being given to any student who maintained an average of 80% in their courses. The names of these students will be printed in the program and will also be posted on our website.
    • Honour Roll with distinction recognition is given to students who earned an overall average of 90% or higher in their courses. Students who achieve this level of excellence will receive a certificate.
    • Commitment to Learning Medal - students who receive three or more department nominations will receive a medal of excellence for their achievement.


Click the links below to view criteria for each award:



Fine Arts



Practical Arts


Social Studies

World Languages​​