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W.C. Miller Collegiate
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May 23, 2019
School Day 5
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Track And Field

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2018 Zone 4 Championship Meet Results: 

Audio report link

2018 Zone 4 Track and Field Championships-Tues Results.pdf

2018 Zone 4 Track and Field Championships-Pentathlon Point Totals.pdf

2018 Zone 4 Track and Field Championships-Wed Results.pdf

Track and Field Team

Coaches: Rob Smith and Matt Duda


Track and Field Schedule 2019


Date                                                         Meet Location                  Departure                 Estimated Return

Tues, May 7th                                        GVC - Winkler                   9:00 am                     6:00 pm   

Wed, May 15th                                      Selkirk                              7:15 am                     8:00 pm


Tues, May 28 (select athletes)              GVC - Winkler                    2:30 pm                     5:00 pm   

Wed, May 29                                         GVC - Winkler                    8:30 am                     4:00 pm


June 6-8                                                U of M - Winnipeg            TBA

Click the following link to see the standards: Standards.pdf

Practice Times

Practices are held during the lunch hours, 12:20-12:50. Athletes must attend a minimum of 2 practices per week if they want to attend the competitions. High jump practices are held in the mornings before school (weekly schedule to be determined). After school practices may be set up based on student interest.


The estimated cost per athlete this year is $15.00.  Athletes are charged according to the number of meets the team attends. Costs vary per team at W.C. Miller based on official fees, number of students per team, and tournament/meet costs. Borderland School Division covers all registration, transportation, or accommodation costs for provincial championships.

Qualifying for Provincials

Athletes need to either meet the provincial standard for their event at one of the meets or finish third or better at the Zone 4 Track and Field Meet. If a student meets the provincial standard, they must still compete in the event at the Zone 4 Track and Field Meet to be able to attend provincials.


Competing athletes must arrive and depart with the school team, not in their own vehicles. Any student leaving an event with their parents, must inform their coach/ or school teacher chaperone prior to their departure.

Missed Class Time

Students are expected to communicate their sport related absences to each of their classroom teachers. They must plan with each teacher regarding how they will make up missed classwork. Coaches or the Athletic Director will email teachers a list of athletes excused from classes for the track and field meets.

Contact Information

Please contact one of the coaches if you have any questions:

Phone: (204) 324-6416

Rob Smith –

Matt Duda –