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181 - 6th St. SE, Altona, MB, ROG OB3 | 204-324-6416
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W.C. Miller Collegiate
exitus aditus semper - every ending is a new beginning
May 23, 2019
School Day 5
No School Today
JV Volleyball

Wednesday, September 26 @ GVC (JV BOYS ONLY- 4:30 PM Departure)
Monday, October 1 @ Sanford (Bus Departs 4:00 PM)
Wednesday, October 10 vs. GVC
Monday, October 22 @ NPC (Bus Departs 4:30 PM)
Wednesday, October 24 vs. Sanford
Monday, October 29 vs. Morden
Wednesday, October 31 vs. NPC
Monday, November 5 @ Morden (Bus Departs 4:20 PM)

All games start at 5:30 PM (Boys and Girls play at the same time,
except at W.C. Miller Collegiate. Where Girls play first followed by the Boys team)

JV Girls

Saturday, September 22nd @ NPC

Saturday, October 13th @ Carman

Friday, Saturday, October 19-20th @ Calvin Christian

Friday/ Saturday, November 2-3rd @ Niverville

JV Boys

Friday/ Saturday, September 28-29th @ Niverville

Saturday, October 13th @ NPC


Wednesday, November 7th SEMI FINALS
Monday, November 12th FINALS

Practice Times

JV Girls Practice times are Tuesday 3:30-5:30 and Thursday 5:30-7:30

JV Boys Practice times are Tuesday 5:30-7:00 and Thursday 3:30-5:30

 Coach will advise student athletes if any changes need to be made.


Based on last year's numbers volleyball fees are roughly $110.00/ athlete. Once teams are made and schedules, along with official fees are calculated a specific number will be determined.

Athletes will be charged according to the number of games their team plays, as well as tournaments they attend. Costs vary per team based on official fees, number of students per team and tournament costs. The school division will cover all registration, transportation, or accommodation costs for Provincials if travel requires it.

Qualifying for Provincials

Teams need to win their Zone Championship to qualify for Provincials. The other way would be applying for a wildcard game (only if team makes Semifinals or higher in Zone). This wildcard game is played at a neutral site, the winner of that game also qualifies for Provincials. Provincials this year will be held in Brandon (Nov. 22-24th).


Competing athletes are expected to arrive and depart with the school team, not in their own vehicles. Students driving each other is NOT ALLOWED (Division Policy). Any student leaving an event with their parents, must inform their coach/ or school teacher chaperone prior to their departure.


Missed Class Time

Students are expected to communicate their sport related absences to each of their classroom teachers. They must make arrangements with each teacher regarding how they will make up missed classwork. Coaches or the Athletic Director will email teachers, the team list of what athletes to expect to be excused during their class.


Contact Information

Please contact one of the coaches or the athletic director for community coaches, if you have any questions:

Phone: (204) 324-6416

Email: Tim Brock-  JV Boys Coach

           Kevin Neufeld- JV Girls Coach