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High School Apprenticeship Program

Grad 2019 Transition from HSAP to Adult Apprenticeship - Printable Version

Grad 2019 Transition from HSAP to Adult Apprenticeship

1. After you graduate, continue to work and record your hours.
2. Report of Hours (Blue Book)
a. Your HSAP teacher will collect your Report of Hours Log (Blue Book), Graduation Transcript and RRTVA Level One Accreditation (if you have one) which will then be delivered to Apprenticeship Manitoba. You will then be transitioned to the post-secondary program and the Blue Book will be returned to you.
b. You will need to have your employer update your hours and sign the blue book approximately every 4-6 months.
c. You are responsible for mailing it to Apprenticeship Manitoba, not your employer.


3. Registration for Technical training Level 1 or 2
a. Apprenticeship Manitoba will be opening technical training registrations for the 2019-2020 academic year on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 8:30 AM.
i. Register by phone or in person if you have HSAP credits.
1. Call this number to register – 204-945-4016 (no call prompts), 1-877-978-7233, or show up in person at 100-111 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg or 1005 St. Mary's Road Winnipeg. It is recommended to be both in line and phoning if you wish to have a specific time as the registration process is first-come-first-served.
3. HSAP Credits – you must indicate that you have HSAP Credits in person or by phone (this does not work if you log in). For every two HSAP credits (220 hours) you did in high school, you are entitled to a free registration fee (this will save you $464 if you have an 8 week course). Please remember to do this each year if you earned multiple HSAP credits (8 HSAP credits pays for 4 levels of registration fees or $1856).
ii. Click here to access the 2019-2020 Technical Training Course Schedule.
1. Check with your employer as to when they would like to release you to your training course.
2. Be careful to choose the course at the school you wish to go to.
3. The courses are listed alphabetically but know that some level 1 and 2 courses are listed as Common Core.
4. Applying for Federal Grants – After completing both Level one and two, you may apply for the $1000 Apprenticeship Incentive Grant.
a. You must be apprenticing in a Red Seal trade. Click on your trade to see if it is Red Seal.
b. You must have the following documentation to apply:
i. COPY of the Apprentice Level Completion Letter from Manitoba Apprenticeship. This letter will come to you after you have successfully passed level one or two. The start of the letter will say, “Congratulations!”
ii. COPY of the Apprenticeship Registration Card. This is the green wallet card that lists your trade and your current employer. Click here to order a new one if yours is missing.
iii. Application Form. Click here to complete the printable form. You can apply online by clicking here.
5. Technical Training Attendance Policy – please note that Apprenticeship Manitoba has a strict attendance policy for technical training. Familiarize yourself with their policy.
6. Supports
7. Further Questions.
a. As an adult apprentice, please advocate for your self by calling Apprenticeship Manitoba directly at 1-877-978-7233.
b. If needed, contact your former HSAP teacher when necessary.

Printable HSAP Information Sheet

Click here for a list of eligible trades

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