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120 - 9th St NW, Altona, MB, R0G 0B1 | 204-324-6491 Ext. 1325
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Red River Technical Vocational Area
How Are You Smart?
Western School Division

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Division Office
Unit 4-75 Thornhill St.
Morden, MB   R6M 1P2
Phone:  204-822-4448 / Fax:  204-822-4262

​Position​Surname​Given Name​Email
​Assistant Superintendent​Kutzner​
​Secretary Treasurer​Pedersen​Carl​​
​Supervisor of Operations​Toews​
​Administrative AssistantBazin​

Morden Collegiate
345 5th St.
Morden, MB   R6M 1Z1
Phone:  204-822-4425 / Fax:  204-822-6455

​PositionSurnameGiven Name​Email​​​Phone​
​Administrative Assistant​CameronBarb​
​Piping Trades​L'Heureux​Jason​​​​204-822-1659

Morden Adult Education Centre
200-30 Stephen St.
Morden, MB   R6M 2G3
Phone:  204-822-1231 / Fax:  204-822-4136

​Position​Surname​Given Name​Email